what is java script

Before knowing what java script is let me provide a short definition of what script means, scripts are the short programs written to enhance the functionality and appearance of the web page.Its called java script since its written using  java codes.It is based on object oriented concept.

There are two types of scripting languages based on where do they exists or run as shown in the figure below:
java scripts is one of the scripting language that runs on the client machine rather than running from the code through the server  thus making the response of the request faster than running the code through server machine .

Simple example of embedding java script into html document:

1.   <html><head>java script</head>

2.<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”>

3.  window.document.write(“hellow world”);




Description of above code:

line n0 2.tells the browser that the java scripting has begun .the code must be written inside the tag<script>…..java script </script>

line no3.is simply use to display the text “hellow world ” in the browser.





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