how to start java

Now you are ready to start learning java. It will be easier for us to understand java more easily if we have some programming experience in c and c++ but don’t worry though you don’t really don’t know what c and c++ is i will tech you the java. Before i begin my lession let me briefly state out what else you need to be installed on your sytem to start java.

1.Download the java SDK(software development kit )also download JRE(java runtime environment ).most of the case JRE comes in-built with SDK ,after downloading the SDK install can visit to

2.make the following setting:

  • go to start
  • right click on computer and select properties then go to Advance System Setting
  • click on environment variable
  • click on New on the top and in the Variable name field-write JAVA_PATH
  • in the variable values field-we have to write the path where you have installed the java normally its like:C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin
  • click on ok now you are ready to go .
     to check if its done or not open the command prompt and type JAVA then there should be no error message and some information about java appears than you have successfully done it.
3.Start writing your code in Notepad or any text editor.

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