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JAVA Moja……..

Originally posted on The Light is Still on horizon.. let it come..:
i was just practicing my java graphics skill………. (really amateur skills)…..Just done this……. import java.applet.Applet; import java.awt.*; /** * * @author Rakibz */ public class cube extends Applet…

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Do you know what is access specifier

As i always do let me again start with a good example. Access specifier is a level of permission you have to use someone’s belongings and the level of permission you give to someone.Think what it would be like if … Continue reading

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this keyword in java

I was always wondering about the use of this keyword in java. Normally what you will find when browse through some website is . this keyword can be used in any methods to refer to the current object.But what the … Continue reading

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how to make a video without any camera or any device

One day i was wondering is it possible to make a video of whatever i do on my laptop screen without using any camera.I was just searching in Google and found something i was looking for .Yea there is one … Continue reading

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how to play snake in youtube

do you know you can play a snake game in youtube one of the most popular video let me tell you how ,sorry for the one who have a fast internet browsing speed it may not work for you.If … Continue reading

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facebook new style photo viewer lightbox

Facebook has changed the way to display the pictures of you and your friends. Now it shows your picture come in the left side and the comment box appear just to the right of picture so do you like it … Continue reading

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how to make Rectangle in JFrame in java

here is the simple java code to showing how to make a rectangle in JFrame in java. import javax.swing.JFrame; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Color; class DrawRectangle extends JFrame { public DrawRectangle() { //to Set JFrame title super(“Draw A Rectangle In JFrame”); … Continue reading

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how to make a simple animation in java

Friends animation in java is no that hard ,try this to learn the basics of animation.. import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class Animation  {    int x=0;    int y=0;        public static void main(String[] args)        {         Animation … Continue reading

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simple java program

I think you all are clear about how to start with java programming with the post i have given early so now here i will try to show to show you how to write the java program to the most … Continue reading

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how to start java

Now you are ready to start learning java. It will be easier for us to understand java more easily if we have some programming experience in c and c++ but don’t worry though you don’t really don’t know what c … Continue reading

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