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  1. brasalan says:

    Hey tara,tnx for following my blog! You have a nice blog here,very educational. I eager for posts about social networks coz I’m a junior web programmer. Hope to see more of that and may be of you also as a person.

  2. rahulnetscap says:

    hey whats up , what do you do imean u r a teacher or a professional . You post nice….

  3. Thanks for the follow and my attention to your blog 🙂 Great stuff! It will def come in handy. As recommended by computerapplications1997 adding blog posts will help maintain and boosts subscribers. I know I’m looking forward to some more. 🙂 Do you have a blog roll maybe we can add each other..let me know. Have a great weekend!

    • tarasj says:

      yea thanks thanks thanks for the comment ….yea i have the blog roll its named as how to start java …..thanks for the follow have a great weekend!

  4. computerapplications1997 says:

    It is good. You should add more posts to it

  5. computerapplications1997 says:

    Your blog is good. But you should continuously add posts so as to attract traffic

  6. aeroyid says:

    Hello i am aerdy

  7. rahulnetscap says:

    hey taras thanks to following
    your blog is awesome i know compiling java in netbeans but i dont know how to compile code normally .thanks dude .
    Check out mt upcoming blog

  8. Ankit verma says:

    nice work dude…

  9. tarasj says:

    my aim is to enlightened the people who love to learn .keep me commenting

  10. Patience Nyange says:

    I am loving the diversities in blogging. Now I stumbled upon your blog and I feel like everything is new to me, the codes???? Java is a programming language released by Sun Microsystems in 1995., Ok!

    I am happy that we have people like you to enlighten us on different fields. Yours seems a complicated field, but keep writing and enlighten us.

    Best regards, Patience

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